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System Meeting Rooms

The system Kurkshop myMeeting give your meeting area a professional look:
- at the reception there is a screen with all current meeings
- every meeting room has a small display with the current meeting
- direct information about the availability of your rooms

Price to be requested.

Screen at the reception

The Kurkshop myMeeting system is made for hotels, partycenters, meeting area's. For companies which have several meeting rooms which can be reserved.
A screen at the receptions tells the guests which meeting room they want to go.    

Screen per room

Next to every door of the meeting room there is a small screen with the name and time of the reservation.
You choose an adequate background picture yourself.


• Each room has a small screen with information of the current meeting
• The screen has your logo and background.
• At the reception is a screen with all current meetings, including your logo.
• Only authorized staff has access to the reservations.
• The system needs wifi or a wired connection to internet.
• Your room has two entrances? You need two screens with the same contents.
• You need two screens behind the reception? Possible !