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WIFI hotspot with landingpage

With the Kurkshop 5.2 hotspot you give your customers a free wifi with a landing page. Especially adequate for restaurants, supermarkets and other places where you want to offer your customersfree wifi with a word of welcome or advertisement from your company.

Price: EUR 179 ex VAT.


- A coffeeshop want to offer wifi only to customers. The password is on the receipt. 
- A restaurant welcomes the customer and explains the menu of the day.
- A supermarktet tells the customer the discount of the day.
- A dentist explains the rules in the waiting area.

Only for your customers

- see how many visitors have logged into the system.
- specify how late the system turns off for the customers.
- block customers
- give direct access to returning customers and crew
- specify how long the customers can use the wifi. After this time they have to login again.
-  choose the customers need a password

Landing page or welcome page

It is easy to detail your landing page yourself. You can add pictures and texts. Tell your customers that you are open at Sunday, or that they can see the football match in your shop.