My last project was for a company in the UK. This lighting company has devices with a http webinterface, which can only be approached locally.

I made a Raspberry Pi, active in the network of his customer, which make a https connection, available anywhere at internet, using localtunnel (installed at our own server). The Raspberry Pi uploads the public URL to our website.

Digital Signage

The system retrieves contents from a website and shows it a display. For each part of the day you can specify different content:

- coffee and cake in the morning

- sandwiches during lunch time

- beer in the afternoon

QR scanner

System used in Corona period. The system scans a QR code, decrypts it, check the validity and gives premission for the guest to enter or not.

The scanner is able to read information from a passport or ID card, comparing it to the name in the corona-QR code.


Sending and receiving SMS messages

For an existing system I added an option to send and receive SMS messages using a Raspberry Pi and GSM board.

Alarm detection for hospitals

For a British company I developed a system that detects help-requests from patients in hospitals, reading the serial port. The system delivers the requests to a server to contact a nurse.

The Raspberry Pi has to be reliable and stable.

Scanning e-tickets

For a Dutch company I developed a system that reads e-tickets from a QR code, checks the validity at a server and opens a gate.

The guests entered three times quicker than before, scanning with a hand held system.

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